Monday, May 10, 2010

Homoeopathy is a Journey, a Lifestyle, More Than Just a Treatment

When you start to use homoeopathic treatment, especially when you start to learn to use the common remedies at home, you gradually come to realise that homoeopathy is a way of life, rather than simply a treatment.

Because homoeopathic treatment is all about finding your unique cause of ill health, as well as your personal symptoms, it becomes obvious to you that you need to take ownership for what you do to yourself.

Taking responsibility for your own life is rare in today's world, driven by materialistic gain and ego-related recognition. But you will never have good health until you recognise that this is part of the process.

Diet, sleep, exposure to natural sunlight, time for you, time in nature, time to relax all become not only desirable, but necessary. When you ignore them, you quickly come to realise you did so at your peril. And you need to do something to get back on track.

When you start to use homoeopathic treatment for all your health concerns, the process subtly changes your perspective on life. Over time you relax more, shift your focus, let things go more easily, naturally move towards a healthier approach to life. Materialism becomes less important. Inner peace becomes your focus. Relationships improve. People can no longer easily push your buttons.

This is in perfect natural balance. Ill health is more about the unresolved emotional energy that creates physical ill health as a result, than apparently appearing out of nowhere.

Enjoy the journey. The destination will take care of itself.